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1.1 The information, material, content or advice contained in this website does not constitute an invitation to treat or offer to enter into a legally binding contract with the and its subdomain,,,, (Web Site) and is provided for Bosland Corporation (M) Sdn. Bhd. (Company) to convey services and ecommerce businessed to its Agent.

1.2 The information, material, contents and functions provided in this website may be changed from time to time without prior notice at the Company's absolute discretion.


2.1 In these Terms and Conditions, unless the context states otherwise, the following words and expressions shall have the following meaning:

"Account" means Agent's valid member account with the BOSLAND CORPORATION (M) SDN. BHD. which may be accessed through the Web Site or as may be determined by the BOSLAND company from time to time.

"Agent", "Dropshipper" means a personnel or organization who registered with the Company throught this Web Site to use the Dropship marketing machenism.

"Bosland Ecommerce" means products and services of the Company and its Agents that are made available to visitors on this Web Site.

"Bosland Dropship" means a services offered by the Company to its Agents to operate ecommerce businesses in prepaid method to minimise procedures the way traditional business model does.

"Bosland Dropship Delivery" means the shipping method provided by the Web Site to delivery product(s) to Customer with shipping charges tendered by the Web Site at here.

"Customer" means a personnel or organization who made transaction with the Agent.

"Company" means Bosland Corporation (M) Sdn. Bhd. incorporated in Malaysia with Business Registration Number 180031-P, located at No.1 PT4006, Jalan Perusahaan 5, Kawasan Perindustrian Kamunting, 34600 Kamunting, Perak Malaysia. Learn more about the Company at About Us on our main site.

"Dropship" means the marketing machenism offered by Bosland Dropship.

"Order" means the request to delivery and transaction made by the Agent on this Web Site to prepare and release the ordered products to the Customer, not to be confused with "order" which means the transaction made by the Customer on the Agent's store or other ecommerce platform of the Agent's choise.

"Platform Integrated Shipping" means the shipping offered by other ecommerce platform with their own tendered shipping charges which can be retrived from respective web site.

"Store Credit" means the prepaid services on Bosland Dropship to allow Agents to make transactions on the Web Site.

"Terms and Conditions" means these Terms and Conditions governing the use of the Web Site services. Words importing the singular shall include the plural and vice versa. In the event of any conflict in the interpretation of this Terms and Conditions in any language the English version shall prevail.

"Visitor" means the user who access the Web Site for any purpose with or without an Account wit the Web Site.

"Web Site" means the official web site of the Company including the main home page and its subdomains:,,,, which are providing various services and information offered by BOSLAND.


3.1 The Terms and Conditions herein and all supplements, amendments and variations thereto shall collectively constitute the agreement between the Visitor and the Web Site ("the Agreement"), and shall apply to the Web Site Services.The Terms and Conditions operate in conjunction with the respective terms and conditions and rules and regulations applicable to the Account(s) which the Visitor represents that he has read, understood and agreed to be bound by without qualification or limitation by use of this website or any of its pages.

3.2 In the event of any conflict or inconsistency between the Terms and Conditions herein and the terms and conditions and rules and regulations governing the relevant Account(s), the latter shall prevail for purposes of interpretation and enforcement to the extent of such conflict or inconsistency.


4.1 The Web Site has taken reasonable care to ensure the accuracy of information materials and content given directly and exclusively by the Company.

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5.1 Application for subscription to the Web Site Services shall be subject to the Visitor maintaining an existing and valid Account with the Web Site and further subject to such eligibility criteria that the Web Site shall deem fit.

5.2 Use by the Visitor of the Web Site Services at any time and from time to time shall indicate to the Web Site the Visitor's acceptance and agreement and continued acceptance and agreement of the provisions of the Terms and Conditions.

5.3 The Password of account selected by the Visitor may be changed by the Visitor from time to time. The Visitor shall not disclose the Password to any person and must take all precautions and security measures to prevent unauthorised and fraudulent use of the Visitor's User ID and/or Password and the Web Site Services by the use thereof.

5.4 Access by the Visitor to the Web Site Services shall be deemed to have been activated and all instructions and transactions issued thereafter shall be attributed to the Visitor upon successful login of the User ID and Password notwithstanding that such access, instruction or transaction may have been made by a third party whether authorised or unauthorised.

5.5 The Visitor further represents and warrants that all information and instruction forwarded to the Web Site from time to time through this website or otherwise is correct, validly issued and legally binding on the Visitor.

5.6 The Web Site and/or third party service providers shall be entitled to carry out any instruction or transaction and/ or rely on any instruction or information provided in connection with the Visitor's User ID and Password as if the Visitor had transacted it and/or provided the information. The Visitor shall be deemed to unconditionally and irrevocably agree that the Web Site shall not be liable for any loss or damage which the Visitor and/or any third party may incur.

5.7 The Visitor is deemed to agree that instructions or transactions received by the Web Site are irreversible when received completed or relied upon by the Web Site. The Web Site may at its sole discretion refuse to carry out any of the Visitor's instructions or transactions where such instructions or transactions are inconsistent with the Web Site's policy or any law or any rules or regulations to which the Web Site is subject to or for any other reasons.


6.1 The Web Site Services is intended to be available for 24 hours but the office hour of the Company is 6 days a week and from 8.30 am to 6.00 pm (Malaysian time). However, the Visitor acknowledges that at certain times some or all of the Web Site Services may not be accessible due to system maintenance or other reasons or cause which are beyond the control of the Company. The Visitor acknowledges that notwithstanding any provisions herein the Company does not warrant that the Web Site Services will be available at all times without interruption.

6.2 In the event that any or all of the Web Site Services are not accessible for whatever reasons, the Visitor agrees to use alternative means, including but not limited to telephone, to issue such instructions as shall be desired by the Visitor at the material time.


In addition to and nor in derogation of express provisions in the Terms and Conditions herein, the Web Site shall not be responsible or liable for any damage (whether special or consequential), loss, embarrassment, goodwill expenses or loss of profit incurred or suffered by the Visitor by reason of or in connection with the followings:

7.1 the Visitor's use of the Web Site Services;

7.2 the Web Site Services not being available;

7.3 any access, use or inability to access or use this website and/or any other website linked to this website;

7.4 any failure, delays in transmission, interruption, errors, omission or breakdown of any equipment, system, server software or terminal of the Web Site or its agents;

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7.6 any failure or delay attributable to services provided by any Network Service Provider;

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7.8 any inaccuracies, errors, defects of any content of this website or other websites linked to this website;

7.9 any operation malfunction or defect of the Visitor's computer terminal, systems or software used in accessing Web Site Services;

7.10 any omission, delay in performance or non-performance of the Visitor's obligations under the provisions of the Terms and Conditions;

7.11 the Web Site acting on instruction transmitted with the use of the Visitor's User ID and Password;

7.12 the access of any site linked to this website.

8. Bosland Dropship Machenism

8.1 Bosland Dropship uses prepaid method for transaction to be made for purchasing the Company's products at wholesale price.

8.2 All prepaid amount top up to the Store Credit is not refundable unless otherwise stated in Termination.

8.3 To top up the prepaid Store Credit, Agent may use the payment method provided by this Web Site: Cash Deposit, Bank Transfer to the Company's bank account (Maybank Berhad, 080056113983)


8.4 Any Visitor wishes to participate in Bosland Dropship must follow the procedures below or procedures stated here:

  1. Register an account on Bosland Dropship Platform.
  2. Add to cart the desire package, checkout and pay the amount to our bank account by cash deposit, bank transfer, or using integrated PayPal payment gateway.
  3. Contact us with your registered email address and your payment receipt.
  4. Your account will be activated to the paid ranking and your store credit will be top up to the paid amount.
  5. Start dropship using the store credit to pay for products in designated wholesale price.

Getting Ready

8.5 Bosland Dropship Platform supports various methods to dropship.

  1. Browse through Bosland Dropshipping Platform.
  2. Pick the products you would like to dropship, and click (Download) button at the top of product description to download product information and images.
  3. Upload the product to your store with the given information and images.
  4. If your ecommerce store do not have an integrated shipping, or you would like to use the shipping provided by Bosland Dropship, please refer to the Delivery Charges during product upload.
  5. Once your product is uploaded and live on your store, you are ready to dropship.

Order Processing

8.6 When Agent received order of Bosland's Products on their own store, Agent must place Order on Bosland Dropship Platform to allow the Web Site to process and release the product to Customer.

  1. Add products to cart and click "View Cart".
  2. Payment will directly deduct from Store Credit. Use Shipping Estimator to include shipping fee is using Store Credit to pay for shipping.
  3. If shipping is not paid using Store Credit or the Account do not have enough Store Credit, Agent will need to make payment for the balance amount by cash deposit, bank transfer or integrated PayPal payment gateway.
  4. Fill in address or choose exisitng address, if repeat order, for both billing and delivery details.
  5. Choose shipping method of Bosland Dropship Delivery or Platform Integrated Shipping.
  6. Double check the products list and click on CONFIRM ORDER to proceed.
  7. The Web Site will process and prepare the Order and ship within 1-2 working days.

Dropship Membership

8.7 Bosland Dropship wholesale price is only available to Agent only.

8.8 Bosland Dropship uses prepaid method to ensure fast dropship procedures, by eliminating the time needed by payment gateway and other factors.

8.9 Membership structures into 5 ranks based on topup value into Store Credit:
Silver (RM300) | Gold (RM600) | Platinum (RM1200) | VIP (RM2400) | Grand VIP (RM4800)

8.10 Each ranking enjoys different wholesale prices which shows upon login of account with particular rank.

8.11 Ranking is assigned upon purchase completion of Topup Packages.

8.12 Agent may upgrade or downgrade rank anytime on their own discretion by purchasing different topup package.

8.13 However, if agent decided to downgrade, Store Credit balance during downgrading will roll into lower ranking packages.

8.14 Should Agent operates physical store and would like to purchase for ready stock, Bosland Dropship wholesale price is applied and Agent must use Shipping by Bosland Dropship to ship products to Agent's physical store.


8.15 After login, accounts with rank assigned can view designated wholesale price.

8.16 Prices are product based, every price level can be viewed on each product page after login.

8.17 There are 2 prices shown on every product: Wholesale Price & RRP (Recommended Retail Price)

8.18 Dropshipper agent must use RRP during product upload.


8.19 Agent must fully understand the different of Bosland Dropship Delivery and Platform Integrated Shipping.

8.20 Bosland Dropship Delivery

  1. Typical shipping method provided by Bosland Dropship using Skynet as shipping provider.
  2. Agent selling on platform or social media that do not have integrated shipping, must use Bosland Dropship Delivery to ship order.
  3. Agent must use Bosland Dropship Delivery to ship products to Agent's physical store if Agent operates physical store and would like to get ready stock for Bosland's Products.
  4. Charges for Bosland Dropship Delivery can be view here.
  5. Agent and Bosland Dropship is responsible to keep trace of package delivery to ensure shipping provider complete the delivery process.
  6. Should any unexpected event happen to the package, non-delivered, lost, theft or damaged due to package handling during transit, Agent and Bosland Dropship should negotiate for solution.

8.21 Platform Integrated Shipping

  1. Agent must operates online store on platform, 3rd party platform or Agent's own website, which has integrated shipping system to use Platform Integrated Shipping.
  2. Platform where Agent operates, or Agent ownself must provide the shipping label or courier note (CN) that comes in file format PDF, JPG or PNG that words is clearly readable and barcode is scannable by shipping provider.
  3. Shipping label or CN must be uploaded by Agent before adding product to cart on product page in order for Bosland Dropship to process the order and ship out the package to designated shipping provider.
  4. Bosland Dropship will keep a photo of package as a proof of order processing and condition or package prior to shipment. Said photo is kept internally unless required by situation or requested by Agent.
  5. Agent is responsible to keep trace of package delivery to ensure shipping provider complete the delivery process.
  6. Should any unexpected event happen to the package, non-delivered, lost, theft or damaged due to package handling during transit, Agent must contact shipping provider to solve such issue with Bosland Dropship assist where necessary.
  7. Important! Due to geographical limitation, Bosland Dropship only managed to reach the following shipping provider: Skynet, PosLaju, GDex, ABX Express, Citi-Link Express, J&T Express, Nationwide Express, Airpak Express.
  8. Should Agent is assigned with other than shipping provider stated in 8.21 (vii), please contact us before proceed with order processing. Otherwise the order placed will be rejected.


9.1 This Agreement is effective unless and until the termination by Agent or the Web Site or the Company.

9.2 Agent may terminate this agreement at anytime, and must write in to the Company should the Agent decided to terminate.

9.3 The Web Site or the Company may also terminate this Agreement at any time and may do so immediately without notice, and accordingly deny the access by the Agnet to the Web Site, if in the Web Site sole discretion that the Agent fail to comply with any terms or provision of this Agreement.

9.4 Agent will be refunded the amount of the balance of the Store Credit associated with the Agent's Account after all processes of termination has completed.


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