Slimming Coffee

Slimming Coffee

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Slimming coffee is a natural premium coffee, premix with superfine Ganoderma nanopowder. Ganoderma is rich in medicinal properties especially Chitin (Chitosan). The superfine Chitin property in Ganoderma is easily to be penetrating into the bowel system to promote for the peristaltic process in the colon tracts and accelerate for defecation. Meanwhile of promoting for the bowel movement, the superfine Chitin property is able to absorb the excessive fatty tissues and excrete it out from the body thoroughly.

Scientific discoveries have proven that coffee is good for human body health:-

a. stimulates the central nervous system and the muscle function - to lift up spirit (alertness), enhance analytical capability, restore muscles from weariness, promote vascular system such as heart function, vasodilatation and blood circulation;

b. helps to lose weight - to accelerate fat decomposition, helps digestion, performs muscle exercise to remove the excessive fat by transforming it to heat energy to promote the peristalsis movement of our intestinal tract, prevents constipation;

c. improves anti-oxidation - its anti- oxidation is four times more than tea, prevents, prolongs or suppress degenerative diseases such as heart and blood vessels complication, cancer and illnesses caused by the nervous system and etc.

d. improves urinary function- discharges the excessive water out of our body.

The Uniqueness of Slimming Coffee Slimming Coffee is a 100% natural preparation.
It is free from additives such as flavours, colorants, preservatives or any chemical substances.
Slimming coffee is a perfect alternative for those on diet plan and is the best life companion for those coffee lovers.