Return Policy

We toroughly examine each and every product and its packing prior to shipping, making sure it is in perfect condition to ship. A photo will be taken as a proof of package condition, the photo will be stored internally unless is required for any purposes.

However, should our agent receive return request, we have procedures for return and exchange as written in this page.

Return Procedures
  1. The agent must request photograph(s) from customer and detail reasons on the return.
  2. If the return request is originated from e-commerce platform, make sure the request is comply with the policies of respective platform.
  3. Contact us to file a Return by email, WhatsApp or phone call (kindly look for contact info below).
  4. Send us the photograph(s) and detail reason to return obtained from customer.
  5. A Return will be initiated and customer may send the item back to Bosland at the address below.

Returnable Items

  • - Item is terribly damaged caused by inadequate packing prior shipping.
  • - Wrong item from what has been ordered on Bosland Dropship Platform.
  • - If it's not product quality issues, product packaging must be intact, e.g. plastic wrap on the product is not open.
  • - If it's not product quality issues, product must not be used or consumed, fully or partially.