Bosland Membership

  • - Bosland Membership Program provide a greater saving for our customers.
  • - Bosland Dropship uses prepaid method to ensure fast dropship procedures, by eliminating the time needed by payment gateway and other factors.
  • - Membership structures into 5 ranks based on topup value into our Store Credit:
    Silver (RM300) | Gold (RM600) | Platinum (RM1200) | VIP (RM2400) | Grand VIP (RM4800)
  • - Each ranking enjoys different wholesale prices which shows upon login of account with particular rank.
  • - Ranking is assigned upon purchase completion of Topup Packages.
  • - Agent may upgrade or downgrade rank anytime on their own discretion by purchasing different topup package.
  • - However, if agent decided to downgrade, Store Credit balance during downgrading will roll into lower ranking packages.
  • - Strickly NO REFUND of the prepaid payment.


  • - After login, accounts with rank assigned can view designated wholesale price.
  • - Prices are product based, every price level can be viewed on each product page after login.
  • - There are 2 prices shown on every product: Wholesale Price & RRP (Recommended Retail Price)
  • - Dropshipper agent must use RRP during product upload.