Ganoderma Cocoa

Ganoderma Cocoa

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Bosland Ganoderma Cocoa is made from organic cocoa beans blended with Ganoderma Lucidum (Reishi Mushroom) It is specially formulated as an alternative for those who dislike coffee, pregnant women and children. Ganoderma Cocoa is an excellent drink for kids of all ages as it helps them to build up a strong body and powerful brain. Persistent consumption of Ganoderma cocoa is believed to generate a good health and longevity in one’s life. Ganoderma has distinctive functions in detoxifying, regulating and balancing five organs in the body. Cocoa highly contains of fibre that promoting for a good bowel regulating cum toxins excretion. Cocoa is also good in preserving a healthy complexion by reducing pigmentations, stress, indigestion, hormones secretion disorder.

Ganoderma cocoa is a functioning health food to those anemia sufferers.Generally, Anemia sufferers are cold aversion as their red blood cells are comparatively low. Ganoderma is rich in multi micro elements and minerals that promote to oxygen and blood supply to the body, increase anti-oxidation and resistance energy to the body. Moreover that, cocoa consists of alkaloid which performs an excellent calmative effect to one’s mind and soul that promote to a good quality of sleep. As a balancing food supplement, Ganoderma cocoa plays a good role in weight administration and impotency prevention.

Cocoa Rich in Health Benefits

Cocoa Flavonoids Good for Cholesterol

In addition to decreasing blood pressure and improving blood vessel health, consumption of flavonoid-rich cocoa decreased “bad” LDL cholesterol among people under age 50, and increased good HDL cholesterol, the analysis showed.

Flavonoid-rich cocoa consumption also was linked to reductions in risk factors for diabetes -- a major risk factor itself for cardiovascular disease.

Also, resistance to the hormone insulin, which helps regulate blood sugar, favorably dropped among people who consumed flavonoid-rich cocoa, compared to people in comparison groups.

Further, consumption of flavonoid-rich cocoa did not change triglyceride levels of study participants or make them obese. Triglycerides are a type of blood fat that have been linked to coronary artery disease when levels are elevated above normal.


Instant Ganoderma, Cocoa, Sugar and Non-Dairy Creamer.


A sachet for a cup. Pour in hot water and stir.